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About KC

My name is Kristin Casey but everyone calls me KC. I’ve spent most of my life in Southern California and Central Texas (with a few years of globetrotting wanderlust in my 20s). I attended the University of Texas at Austin but am mostly self-educated, driven by passionate curiosity about human nature in the areas of sexuality, psychology, and spirituality. 

I completed my training with the International Professional Surrogates Association in May 2016 (a 100-hour didactic and experiential course of study), followed by a 2 year IPSA-Supervised Internship. Previous to that was 20 years experience in related fields of physical and emotional intimacy (and one decade selling residential Real Estate). At age 50 I had my first book published (Rock Monster, an addiction memoir, Rare Bird books, 2018). Currently I’m single and self-employed as an intimacy coach and writer. My topics range from attraction, chemistry, and intimacy, to authenticity, empowerment, and personal accountability.

Currently juggling multiple writing projects my wait list for SPT extends into 2020. If your need is more immediate I recommend contacting IPSA for a qualified referral.

My approach as a Surrogate Partner is one of respect, compassion, patience, and openness. I’m not afraid of intense emotions and I like complicated people. I have a nonjudgmental, emotionally generous nature and I understand people intuitively. I’m told I have a gift for making people feel good about themselves, but it's really a gift for seeing people clearly. I zero in on a person’s best qualities, then help them see those qualities in themselves. I offer a safe space and loving heart for clients to be their authentic selves, accepted and appreciated for who they really are.

    I believe intimacy makes life worth living and that isolation can be a form of torture.

For many years I struggled to accept and express my authentic self. I am familiar with the pain of emotional isolation, and fear and anxiety around emotional vulnerability. The self-acceptance and serenity I’ve found were in part due to wise mentors who made this journey before me. They didn’t just hand me a map; they walked beside me and illuminated the way. I have great compassion for others on that path and it’s an honor to be of service in their healing.

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Kristin Casey, 2017